Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Andrew Brons invited to carry out consultation of the membership about constitutional changes

The following article has been taken from the website of Andrew Brons MEP:

The Chairman and Advisory Council of the British National Party decided at its meeting held on 14th August to carry out a review of the Party’s Constitution.

This is with particular reference to two areas:

* the rules covering leadership elections; and

* the decision making bodies of the Party nationally – whether the size, composition and responsibilities of the Advisory Council should be changed or whether the Advisory Council should be supplemented by an Executive.

Members with suggestions for changes in these or other areas should put them into writing and submit them for consideration and debate.

It was decided that Andrew Brons MEP should be the person to whom suggestions for constitutional changes should be channelled. At the end of the consultation process, he and the members of the Policy Unit will summarise the suggestions and report them to the Chairman, the Advisory Council and the Party, with his comments and those of the Policy Unit.

Members should send their suggestions to: andrewbrons2010@yahoo.co.uk

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